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Rehabilitating the spoken & singing voice


Jonny Turgel BA (hons), MSc cert MRCSLT

Speech and Language Therapist (Voice)


Accredited Speech and Language Therapist


Specialist Voice Therapist in London

British Voice Association (BVA) member

HCPC Registered

RCSLT Registered

Expert Voice Therapy


Voice Specialist Jonny Turgel qualified as a Speech & Language Therapist from UCL in 2014 where he was awarded an MSc in Speech and Language Sciences with distinction.  During his training he was the recipient of the UCL Clinical Practice Prize for Excellence. Alongside his performing career, Jonny now runs a busy Voice Therapy and Training practice in North West London, specialising in voice disorders. 

Up To Date Evidence Based Practice


Fully accredited in the following specialised methods: 

Accent method 

(Diaphragmatic breathing)

Resonant Voice Therapy

Vocal Function Exercises 

LSVT (Programme for Parkinsons Disease)

MLMT (Laryngeal Manual Therapy

(Vocal massage for reducing tension)

Range of Voice Services

Voice Therapy


Jonny is passionate about treating adults and children with a range of voice difficulties:

Vocal fold Nodules & Polyps 

Vocal Cysts

Reflux Laryngitis (LPR/GORD) 

Chronic hoarseness

Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MDT)  

Spasmodic Dysphonia 

Presbyphonia & Puberphonia  

Pre & Post Surgical therapy 

Layrngeal pain and discomfort

Allergy related laryngitis

Psychogenic dysphonia

Voice rehabilitation, technique and training


 Over the past 15 years, Jonny has studied singing under various professors of voice from internationally recognised schools, following the traditional Bel Canto technique. More recently Jonny has begun to explore other more contemporary methods (e.g. Speech Level Singing/Brett Manning Method), He uses tools from these many different methods to shape his approach to voice training and rehabilitating injured voices, backed up by the latest scientific research. 

Voice Care Workshops


Bespoke Voice workshops for professional voice users: Teachers, Educators, Lawyers, Rabbis, Cantors available at site of institution.

Equal emphasis on theory and practice.

Showcasing the most up to date evidence based speech therapy techniques for healthy and efficient voice production

Begin the process...

Learn how to look after your voice

Master techniques to use your voice more efficiently 

Address vocal hoarseness 

Restore your speaking voice

Expand you range & improve voice projection

Cantor at Stanmore & Canons Park Synagogue Chazan at weddings and concerts worldwide

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Vocal Coaching/Technique training (45 minutes)

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